Open Autonomy Services

Hexagon | AutonomouStuff’s state-of-the-art research vehicles tested autonomous driving software in downtown Peoria, Illinois. The integration of that software into AutonomouStuff’s automated research development vehicles creates an ideal platform for customers to accelerate their work on autonomous driving technology.

By testing and equipping vehicle platforms with autonomous driving software that is capable of operating on public roads, AutonomouStuff enables engineering teams to immediately begin testing their technology in complex, real-world driving conditions.

AutonomouStuff validated the software in a simulated environment, which was created from data collected on the Peoria driving route, before initiating on-road tests. The simulation also is available to customers, providing a complete autonomous driving development workflow.

Supported Autonomous Vehicle Functions

  • HD Map based lane centering and intersection handling
  • 4 way Stop Sign Intersection Navigation
  • 4 way Traffic Light Intersection Navigation
  • Lidar and Camera based Obstacle Detection and Braking
  • Vision based Traffic Light Detection
  • Lidar based Localization

Simulation at Scale

VP of Products & Services, John Buszek, talks about AutonomouStuff’s Open Autonomy Pilot program and how it helped push autonomy forward.

Demonstration of the Open Autonomy Pilot Loop.

Open Autonomy Pilot webinar